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Haiti has suffered many natural disasters in recent history. In 2010, Haiti was struck by a 7.0 earthquake, leaving over 220,000 people dead. Most recently, Haiti was decimated by Hurricane Matthew, killing over 540 people, destroying over 200,000 homes, and leaving impoverished Haitians without shelter. Flooding is also destroying much of the cultivated land in Haiti, resulting in a lack of food and malnutrition amongst much of the Haitian population. In addition, many Haitians are using river-water sources as latrines, places for bathing, and a source of drinking water. This has led to another outbreak of cholera. Most recently, 3,500 new cases of cholera have been reported.

In an effort to alleviate the burden of hopelessness many Haitians are facing today, We Are Haiti will be organizing a drive to collect medical supplies, clothing, canned goods, bottled water, etc. to send to the areas of Haiti affected by this storm. We Are Haiti intends to raise the funds necessary to build as many houses as possible. Each house costs $7,500 to build, therefore every dollar is helpful.

We Are Haiti partners with a non-profit organization by the name of Youth With A Mission Haiti that organizes building projects in a small town called Balalay close to Saint-Marc, Haiti. With the recent devastations of Hurricane Matthew, donations are greatly appreciated to help those affected in Haiti.

We have completed the first home of hope in We Are Haiti's name. The home was constructed in Saint-Marc, Haiti. We have immediately begun collecting donations for the next home of hope, so please continue to donate to our cause! To see pictures from the trip, head to our gallery!

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